Our training will allow you to ...

- First know what smoothing is.

-Recognize the different types of hair and the structure of the hair which will allow you to know which straightening for which hair

- Differentiate the hair conditions: porosity, density and thickness, to allow you to choose the right straightening adapted according to the client's demand and the real need for her hair

- Knowing how to recognize the various pathologies of the scalp, which will allow you to be able to diagnose the problems that we may encounter in clients and thus be able to advise them

- Know the rules of hygiene and protection in salons and ANTI-COVID - Select and collect the necessary equipment for the proper functioning of your procedure and for successful smoothing

- Know the different types of straightening and straightening care on the market as well as their benefits on the hair, it is important to know the treatment you will use, in order to be able to answer your clients' questions

- Understand the difference between the different smoothings, in order to explain to your clients why you recommend this treatment more than any other ... and know yourself which one to choose

- Acquire the practice of applying straightening treatments from A to Z ...

- Know how to use a straightening iron according to the type of hair you will have to treat

- Acquire knowledge such as the basic rules for a perfect smoothing and be able to answer a few questions that you may ask yourself, or that clients usually ask. The sheet of the different lengths will serve as a basis for determining your prices.

Training offered in Laval on Mondays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Prerequisites: None

Cost: $ 1199 Regular PROMO Price $ 899

Included in your choice: Biotox or Tanino.

A certificate is given at the end of your training day if you pass the performance in front of your teacher.

Follow-up is provided by our teacher throughout your professional journey with our products.


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