The Micro-needling device Jouventude

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The hand piece : another technological evolution of Perform’Art!

The hand-piece is composed of a needle unit, which receives the tube with the selected serum according to the desired treatment. The micro-needles have tiny holes to allow serum infusion during their insertion.

With the settings marked on the handpiece, it allows us to choose the desired depth. The patented mechanism offers unprecedented precision; everything is in the accuracy of the needle movement, for a smooth insertion and removal, without damaging the skin.

The mechanism of the needle is so precise that the procedures are performed without pain in the vast majority of cases, thus avoiding the need for anesthesia.

  • Quality of skin perforation
  • Visible adjustment according to the desired depth
  • Performs almost without anesthesia
  • Treatment covering the entire face without tearing
  • Treatment done by sliding on the skin
  • Healing almost inapparent
  • Simultaneous serum diffusion
  • Robust materials
  • Made in Canada