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Multifunctional silicone cleaning brush is a device for deep skin cleansing, skin care and care of the contour of the face. It integrates positive ions, negative ions, heat,vibrations, red light, yellow light and EMS (electrostimulation). Must be used with tonic, serum or cream and other skin care products  to activate vibration or EMS.

Positive ion: using the principle of positive and negative ionic attraction, the ionspositive aspirates hard-to-remove residue, as well as dirt from pores

Negative ion: using the principle of the attraction of positive and negative charge, the negative ions induce nutrients.

The heat: opens the pores for  descaling of the dirt and the infusion of nutrients. Helps your products penetrate deeper and stimulate growth collagen.

Vibration: Mode 1 and 2 vibrations split dirt in the pores to release them more easily. Mode 3 vibrations refine nutrients for double absorption. The vibrations massage the skin to soothe and relax it.Red light: 630-635nm of light penetration and energy. The red light penetrates the dermis and promotes the growth of collagen to maintainelasticity, stimulates blood circulation, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and scars, regenerates tissue, acts as an antibacterial, tightens skin pores and restores vitality to the skin.

Yellow light: 590-595nm of light penetration and energy. The yellow light can speed up blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, promote cell growth, breaks down melanin in the skin and reduces dark spots,shine and superficial scars, and gives radiance to the skin.

EMS: (electrostimulation) Muscle stimulation by EMS pulses,  muscle training for a lifting effect, promotes cell metabolism,Improves blood circulation, tones and makes the skin firmer.

Benefits :Gently clears pores by removing up to 99.8% of dirt as well asexcess sebum, dead skin cells and makeup residue.

 Results: radiant, soft and smooth skin. Soft, medical grade silicone suitable for all skin types.Accelerates the growth of cells, collagen and elastins. Gives a lifting, firming, brightening and plumping effect. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, scars, regenerates tissue, accelerates skin healing, tightens skin pores and restores vitality.Promotes cell metabolism, improves blood circulation, lifted, toned, plumped and hydrated skin.