Training Offered

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INLAB INFUSION training In this program you will learn the nano infusion technique, the benefits as well as various subjects necessary to perform this treatment and improve various pathologies related... Read More

Lumin'elle Hair Straightening and Biotox training

Cost: $ 1199 Regular PROMO Price $ 899
Formation en Lissage et Biotox Capillaire Lumin'elle

Aesthetics training 450 hours

Espace Inter Beauté offers comprehensive training in aesthetics that will open several doors for you in the job market or if you wish to become an entrepreneur. Our 100% private... Read More

Lip blush training

Lip Blush trainingThe training will allow you to perform the Lip Blush technique with permanent makeup. Lip blush is a semi-permanent makeup that improves the shape and color of the... Read More
Formation en lip blush
Formation en lamination des sourcils

Eyebrow lamination training

Eyebrow lamination trainingThe training will allow you to perform eyebrow lamination. This procedure fills and densifies the eyebrows so that they appear thicker and fuller. This restructuring is done by... Read More

Sugar hair removal training

Expand your horizons in hair removal with the sugar technique! 100% Vegan and made in Quebec, be proud to work with local products. This training is intended for everyone and... Read More
Formation en épilation au sucre
Formation en Photoépilation

Photoepilation training

Our comprehensive and general training will give you the opportunity to excel in any permanent hair removal center or clinic. It is accessible to any beautician. (certain conditions apply) During... Read More

Bluesky Manicure Training

This training aims to teach the application of gel polish on a natural nail. During this training, you will learn how to apply Bluesky products in a safe and effective... Read More
Formation Manucure Bluesky
Peeling chimique

Chemical peel

Chemical peeling training   In this program you will learn how to perform a complete chemical peel treatment, the benefits and various subjects necessary to perform this treatment and improve... Read More

Training in nail application, Resin and powder, Gel and manicure.

Manicure training (APESEQ standards) Theory 6H Practice 3 p.m. Price $ 399 Resin Powder nail installation training (APESEQ standards) Theory 4H Practice 8 p.m. Price $ 699 kit included BLUESKY... Read More
Formation en pose d'ongles , Résine et poudre, Gel et manucure .