More than a partner

Succeeding Together

We don't see ourselves simply as suppliers, but as partners committed to the success and development of every trade show we collaborate with.

We believe in close collaboration, where your goals become ours, where your success is our success.


Founder of Inter-Beauté

She inspires a generation of aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams with courage and conviction. Laura DiStaulo isn't just our founder; It is our beacon, illuminating the path to continued excellence and innovation.

Laura DiStaulo, the visionary founder and owner of our company, is the epitome of perseverance and entrepreneurship. Her story is a deep inspiration, not only for those who dream of creating something meaningful out of nothing, but also for all women navigating the complex and often demanding world of entrepreneurship while juggling family responsibilities.



Roxanne Quagliariello Bélanger
Trainer & Representative

Roxanne is a key figure in our team at Inter Beauté, where she has been bringing her exceptional expertise, passion and dedication to the world of aesthetics and beauty treatments for over five years.

Expertise and passion are the words that best define Roxanne. Her relentless quest for learning and innovation has led her to specialize in a variety of aesthetic treatments, from cutting-edge skincare to the most sophisticated makeup techniques. Her intuitive understanding of current trends, combined with a respectful and attentive approach to everyone's needs, makes her an invaluable advisor and practitioner.
Nancy Chénard
Director of Business Development

Nancy Chénard holds the crucial role of Director of Business Development with us, a position she honours with a remarkable strategic vision and inexhaustible energy. Since joining our company, Nancy has been the driving force behind remarkable evolution and success, guiding our growth with an expert hand and innovative mind.

Nancy is also known for her interpersonal approach, seeing every interaction as an opportunity to build a bridge and strengthen the bonds that bind our company to its customers and partners. Her strategic vision, combined with her genuine and warm approach to business relationships, has been a key driver of our continued success.
Nail Technician & Trainer

Karina, our nail technician, is a true artist at heart, whose talent and passion turn every treatment into a work of art. With exceptional expertise and unparalleled attention to detail, Karina brings to our team a perfect blend of technique, creativity and innovation.