Essential Oil Eucalyptus Radiata by Pranasens

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Fragrance: fresh and camphor 

Description: Bush or tree up to 90 m tall with a gray-blue trunk with deciduous bark. The generally persistent leaves have a rounded shape, when juveniles and a lanceolate form, when adults

 Australian aborigines use leaf sap to heal wounds and wounds. The radiata variety is a softer version than the globulus for its expectorant and decongestant functions.

Properties: antiviral antibacterial antitussive expectorant, mucolytic decongestant ,energizing indications.

  The essential oil of eucalyptus is used to treat respiratory infections (bronchitis, sinusitis, etc.), flu, colds,coughs and ear infections. It can also be used for lack of energy, weakening of the immune system and acne. 

Essential Oil Eucalyptus Radiata by Pranasens