Advanced Esthetics Training

Espace Inter Beauté offers a complete training program in advanced esthetics that will open many doors for you on the job market or if you wish to become an entrepreneur.

Our 100% private training will enable you to excel in this marvelous field, while keeping up with the latest technologies on the market. At Espace Inter Beauté, our mission is to train high-performance estheticians through our enriched program and the dedication of our teachers.

Take advantage of the opportunity to train full-time or part-time. We offer a range of timetables to help you balance your studies, family life and work.

We're looking for dedicated students who are passionate about the field of esthetics. Skills required are :

-Good physical stamina for standing work

-Sense of observation

-Good manual dexterity

-Good eyesight

-Ability to adapt to a varied customer base

-Sense of organization

-Possess qualities such as attention to detail and patience.

Course outline :

Full-day on-the-job internship (observation)

Professional ethics

Hygiene and safety

Disinfection and sterilization

Equipment and workstation

Pilosebaceous system - dermatology

Consultation and client file

The human body system

Cells and tissues

Aesthetic foot care, make-up and manicure


Facials: basic and specific


Treatment protocol: depending on products used (Thalion, Vivier and Inlab Médical)

Practice and internship


Certification is presented and delivered by our APESEQ-accredited training center. This means you can benefit from liability insurance without any problems.


Your training is divided into 2 parts: theory and practice.

The theoretical part consists of several modules and exams that must be completed before you can move on to the practical part. During the practical component, you'll have 19 days of face-to-face training divided over several weeks, on days predetermined with your teacher.

This includes :

-microdermabrasion training and equipment

-microneedling training (including inlabpen)

-photoepilation training

-chemical peeling training

Prerequisites: None

Price: $9,999$