Discover the wonders of henna through the Lovely line of products. During this training, discover all the knowledge there is to know through the semi-permanent tattooing of eyebrows. 100% natural, this technique consists of dyeing the skin and the hairs to give them a current and defined shape. The tint will remain on the skin from 5 to 21 days and up to 8 weeks on the hairs. Lovely offers a complete line of products respecting  Canadian standards in addition to an exceptional quality of cosmetics.

Pre-requisite: None

Duration: 3 H

A diploma will be given to you at the end of your training

A kit is included in the training

Kit: 4 bags of Black Morion, Intense Brown, Royal Brown and Topaz Brown henna powder, 1 eyebrow shampoo, 1 Biscuit Mousse scrub, 1 Pre-treatment, 1 Mineral Solution, 1 Contouring paste, Balm, Repairer, Glass cup, 1 Lovely brush and 1 Mapping string.