Training in non-medical mesotherapy

In this program you will learn the technique of non-medical mesotherapy (microneedling), the benefits and various subjects necessary to perform this treatment and improve various pathologies related to the skin. Wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, brightening of the complexion, acne, acne scars, rosacea, rosacea, stretch marks and stimulation of hair growth.

The products used during training are of superior quality and are approved by Health Canada. We work with Inlab products, recognized for their epigenetic peculiarity on the market.

Our educational strength is our experienced and passionate trainers. Our training sessions are private. Benefit from personalized follow-up after your training.


Professional ethics

Skin anatomy

Health and Safety

The different techniques

Presentation of the dermograph

Types of needles

Processing procedure

Treatment results

Post-treatment care

Complete integration with Inlab serum

Marketing and Advertising


Workstation preparation

Customer file

Application of model procedures

Recommendation and post processing

* As part of this training, 4 models will be necessary in practice

We provide funding for your training

Prerequisites: Aesthetic or nursing diploma, if you do not have the prerequisites, you will need a training adjustment. Remember that you must comply with this criterion to be sure.

Duration: 15H (2 days)

Training cost: $ 1599 kit included (new standard)

The kit contains a starter set of Inlab Face and Body serum



Three Inlab ampoule cure sets

Sheet mask (5)

For information: 450-806-5454