Here is the new revolution in the field of high-end hair care and straightening treatments.

Inspired by beauty secrets and ancestral care rituals, LUMIN'ELLE offers a range enriched with natural active ingredients and essential vitamins for all hair types, easy to use, efficient, Lumin'elle hair products will provide your hair with better long-term health and rejuvenation.

LUMIN'ELLE will allow you to facilitate your daily life in all serenity!

Silk protein & Collagen

BIOTOX Organique is a rejuvenating and anti-frizz treatment that will deeply repair damaged to very damaged and dull hair, restoring their radiance, strength and shine, thanks to its unique and innovative formula enriched with silk protein, collagen and vitamins useful for hair.


This magical and ultra nourishing deep treatment will restore strength and repair the most damaged and tired hair and ends, giving them a second youth. At the same time, it will tame your frizz.

Its composition based on silk protein, plant phytokeratin, lactic acid and arginine provides you with hydration and intense reconstruction, making your hair stronger, shiny and silky. Hair full of health and radiant beauty.

Packaged and Made in Canada

1 KG