Here is the new revolution in the field of high-end hair care and straightening treatments.

Inspired by beauty secrets and ancestral care rituals, LUMIN'ELLE offers a range enriched with natural active ingredients and essential vitamins for all hair types, easy to use, efficient, Lumin'elle hair products will provide your hair with better long-term health and rejuvenation.

LUMIN'ELLE will allow you to facilitate your daily life in all serenity!

Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5

Tanino Lux is a smoothing treatment that will naturally straighten the hair and repair it at the same time, thanks to its unique composition combining Tannin, grape extract and the vitamins necessary for the beauty and strength of the hair.

With this new generation smoothing treatment we mean '' Regenerate '' '' Strengthen '' and '' Repair '' the hair from the inside to smooth it, thanks to the antioxidant, repairing and smoothing active ingredients with tannin, hyaluronic acid and provitamins it contains.

The Tannin will bring suppleness, shine, repair and will nourish the hair. Hyaluronic acid will provide hydration and elasticity to prevent breakage of the hair fiber. Vitamin B5 will act on hair regeneration and accelerate hair growth.

Packaged and Made in Canada

The set includes 1 L of Anti-Residue Shampoo and 1 L of Taninoplasty

Intended only for hairstyling and straightening professionals

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