Eyebrow lamination training

The training will allow you to perform eyebrow lamination. This procedure fills and densifies the eyebrows so that they appear thicker and fuller. This restructuring is done by means of an agent which will freeze the hairs in very different directions.

Our educational strength is our experienced and passionate trainers. Our trainings are private. Benefit from personalized follow-up after your training.


Professional ethics

What is lamination

The anatomy of the hairs

Health and Safety

Contraindications and possible reactions

Presentation of Lash Brow products

Processing procedure

Post-treatment care


Workstation preparation

Customer file

Application of model procedures

Recommendation and post processing

* As part of this training, 1 model is necessary in practice

Prerequisite: None

Duration: 3 hours

Training cost: $ 299.99 including a kit

The kit contains:

One Set Starting Eyebrow Lamination Beautiful Brows and Lashes

A starter coloring kit

* Take advantage of our promotional offer which includes eyelash enhancement training and eyebrow lamination for $ 499.99

For information: 450-806-5454


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