Our comprehensive and general training will give you the opportunity to excel in any permanent hair removal center or clinic. It is accessible to any beautician. (certain conditions apply)

During your training, you will use the latest state-of-the-art technology devices on the market.

This 45-60 hour training includes 2 components: theory and practice. We ensure the adequate number of hours of the program. Our freshly renovated premises will allow you to evolve in an environment conducive to technology as well as the proper functioning of a clinic. This way, you will be ready to work in a workplace upon graduation.

We also offer the possibility of renting or buying high performance devices.

Prerequisites: DEP esthetician or other establishment accredited by APESEQ or


Lesson Plan :

Health and Safety

Disinfection and sterilization

Equipment and workstation

The skin and its appendages (review)

Consultation and client file

Photoepilation technology

The various wavelengths

Working positions

Legal aspects of the practice

The treatment protocol

* Models will be provided during your training.

Price: $ 1295 plus taxes

For information: 450-806-5454